A fresh wind through the realms of metal and progressive music: Equisa brings heavy riffs topped with precious melodies and dreamlike scapes. Their highly acclaimed debut ‘Strange Release’ has met promising reviews and has even been voted ‘Best Album of 2013′. Written without restrictions, yet very recognizable and easy on the ears. Influenced by the likes of Devin Townsend, Anneke van Giersbergen, Yes, Queensrÿche and Dream Theater, Petra’s fragile passages and powerful chorusses, Sebas’ contrasting pounding and sparkling guitars, Joost’s thundering and melodic basslines and Raymond’s tight and effective approach result in a layered sound which remains interesting after multiple plays.

Equisa 2012


The seeds were sown when in 2004 Petra Honing (lead vocals) starts to make music with George van Olffen (keys). Joost Maglev (bass, backing vocals) and Sebas Honing (guitars, backing vocals, keys) get together in 2006 and end up in Galanor where Petra joins them in 2008. After Petra and Sebas leave the band in the summer of 2009 they start to work with George and the musical legacy that’s been build up at that point under the name of Turn GPS. When Galanor breaks up in early 2011 they ask Joost to join them. After 2 gigs with Roel van Helden (Powerwolf / My Favourite Scar) behind the drums Johan van den Berg  is recruited as a permanent drummer.

In the summer of 2011 the name Equisa is born and work has started on the first EP called Straight Lines which is finished at the end of the year. In Febuary 2012 Johan is replaced by Raymond Otterspeer and the group starts working on a lot of new material again. A few months later they decide to split with George and carry on as a 4-piece.
Equisa’s first video ‘Faces’ premiered on October 14th 2013, followed shortly on the 21st by the corresponding independent debut album Strange Release. The album has been praised with terms like ‘Must have’, high ratings in reviews and even being voted ‘the best album of 2013’.

In late November 2015 Raymond is replaced by Stefan Maas, soon followed by the addition of Jim Meyer (guitars) and Koen Stam (keys) to the line-up in Febuary 2016. With this 6-piece line-up Equisa starts recording the follow up to Strange Release, set for a release in late 2016 or early 2017.

Equisa is:
Petra Honing (lead vocals)
Sebas Honing (guitars, backing vocals)
Joost Maglev (bass, backing vocals)
Jim Meyer (guitars)
Koen Stam (keyboards)
Stefan Maas (drums)

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