Changes and plans


Changes and plans

Dear followers,

We want to apologize for our silence in the last few months. Though it doesn’t show here on the website, there’s been a lot happening lately.

First of all we discovered some big differences in our future plans and dreams for the band. In order to get a good and clean direction for us all to follow we decided to part ways with George.

We haven’t been searching for a keyboard player. Instead we’ve decided to carry on as a 4-piece. Our sound won’t change that much, though our future songs might become a little more guitar orientated. Yet our goal is still to make metal songs with that beautiful dreamish edge we all love.

Speaking of future songs: We’re already working on way over 10 songs for both our first full-length album and live shows. We’re mainly busy preparing ourselves for the stage and scheduling shows. Lets hope I can give you some dates on the next post!

Sebas (speaking for all of Equisa).