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Running out of signed copies!

If you’d like to order a signed copy of ‘Strange Release’: be quick! Send us an e-mail at to get one!

Songs of Seas and Oceans out now!

Sebas’ solo album ‘Songs of Seas and Oceans’ is out now through Freia Music. More info on the album and how to order can be found here.

Latin America supports Equisa! put a nice little article on Equisa online. You can check it here.

Gitarist review of ‘Strange Release’

Kind words from Gitarist magazine on ‘Strange Release’! Click on the image for a full-scale view:

Zware Metalen review of ‘Strange Release’

Strange Release scored 80/100 at Zware Metalen! Check the full dutch article here: Zware Metalen review

Progwereld review of ‘Strange Release’

Another great dutch review! This time by Progwereld: Progwereld review

Progwereld interview

Recently Sebas did an interview for progwereld. The dutch article can be found here: Progwereld interview

West-Point review of ‘Strange Release’

The reviews just keep coming! Here’s another dutch review by West-Point: West-point review

Aarschock review of ‘Strange Release’

Great promising words on ‘Strange Release’ in the dutch metalzine Aardschock! Click on the image below for the full-scale version:

Metal from NL review of ‘Strange Release’

Metal from NL gave ‘Strange Release’ a 90/100! Read the full dutch review through this link: Metal from NL review