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New ‘making of’ video and official YouTube channel!

We’ve just started our official YouTube channel! Make sure you subscribe at: As a preview we’ve uploaded the first part in a short run of ‘Making of Straight Lines’ episodes we’ll be posting in the next few weeks. In the first part we take a look at Sebas recording his parts for the EP:

Rehearsal teaser

Yes, we’ve been busy….

Changes and plans

Dear followers, We want to apologize for our silence in the last few months. Though it doesn’t show here on the website, there’s been a lot happening lately. First of all we discovered some big differences in our future plans and dreams for the band. In order to get a good and clean direction for…
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We have a new drummer!

Yes! We’re glad to announce that we have found a new drummer! His name is Raymond Otterspeer. Not only a great drummer, but he has just revealed his secret of being quite a decent bassplayer, guitarist and most importantly a great composer! We’ll be working on some of his songs in the coming few days…
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New Website Launched

New website Equisa is launched! On February 29th, 2012 our brand new, sparkly and very blue/greenish website has been launched! Big thanks to René (of MaXxive Media), for designing, developing and hosting our site!